Focus on the right donors at the right moment by using our predictive fundraising models.

Campaign Efficiency Report

Are you approaching the right donors? Analyse the performances of your fundraising quickly on campaign level. The ‘Campaign Efficiency Report’ unveils:

  1. Which donors you are selecting that are only costing you money.
  2. Donors you should have selected but did not.
  3. The amount of money spent on retaining your donors.
  4. Whether or not you have left money on the table.
  5. Donors that you have had contact with but that have cost you money.


Increase the value of a donor. Use DonorScores to identify middle and major donors, find loose givers that can be converted into donors and take your existing donors to a higher donation level.

DonorTrends has 7 predictive algorithms that work on the basis of the fully anonymised transaction data of your donors. After having received your donation history the algorithm predicts which donors are most and which ones are least likely to make a donation.

If you have access to the DonorTrends portal you will have scored your files for special appeals, renewals, newsletters, legacies, reactivation, middle and major donors and regular donations within just 5 minutes. You can also upload the data; then we will have your files ready within 24 hours.

Save money by approaching the right donors and by not losing any more money on communication with donors who will not donate.

  • Save 25% on your DM campaign costs!
  • Increase your net income
  • Find regular donors
  • Reactivate donors
  • Promote your major donor and your legacy programme
  • Upgrade and identify middle and major donors

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