Products and services

Make better decisions with directly applicable reports and insights. These reports and insights are ready to be consulted within a few minutes via the DonorTrends portal. We make it easier for you to understand the well-being of your fundraising programme and give you practical tools to make improvements.

Immediately applicable advice at every step

Our fundraising advisers work with you to convert donor data quickly into recommendations and actions for fundraising. We often hear people saying: “There is a lot of data, but no information”. That does not apply to DonorTrends! Every report and every score is built to enhance your revenue and retention.

  • Customised fundraising action plan.
  • On screen discussion of your results with experts in fundraising.
  • Detailed plan to calculate bottom-line impact.
  • Actual list of donors in recommendations / strategic action plan.
  • Fundraising analyst on request.

Stop making graphs. Start improving your statistics!